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3. Seamless project tracking to make your idea a reality

About us

Samyojya Team

We are a bunch of modern workplace and work culture enthusiasts based out of Bengaluru, India. Our work engagements are drifting towards freelancing and scope-oriented consulting. The growing number of freelancers and consultants every year asserts our belief.

We want to achieve this through collaboration, technology and our product outlook. Our work focuses on providing productive and meaningful technology consulting engagements. Be it mobility, fintech, health-care or sales, we can step in to add value to your IT portfolio.

Founder Profile Picture

Naveen Karnam

Tech Enthusiast. Co-founded SaaSMush.com, a SaaS Search & Discovery Platform through ShareASale affiliate marketing in December 2016. Groomed as a Software Architect with Rakuten as part of Platform Engineering on KPI Data Pipeline, DevOps Strategy and Modernization. Had been a Senior Software Engineer with eBay for a CSR initiative called eBay Giving Works. Started career as Software Developer (Java) with Sun Microsystems on OpenESB Middleware adapters. Graduated from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Carnatic Classical Music Enthusiast. Top writer, 2018 on Quora. Member of IEEE, a non profit organization supporting industry and research collaboration in electrical and electronics engineering. Ex-member of BNI, a renowned business networking platform.

Advisor Vinay Picture

Vinay Nellagi

Founder, Cogniminds. Marketing Strategy, Freelancing engagements, Front-end advisor

Advisor Sandeep Picture

(Late) Sandeep Pathivada

Founder, Saketh Technologies. Sourcing, platform integration, product maturity and investment strategy advisor.

Advisor Mahendra Picture

Mahendra Patukuri

Director - Consulting, Infrastructure & Security, PwC Cloud security infrastructure, collaboration, innovation strategy and secure practices advisor

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Our Services

Hire from our trusted network

We have a network of trusted and verified IT professionals and firms. Developers, analysts, architects... Tell us what you are looking for and who. We will hand-pick the talent for you. Plug and play teams are possible!

Best tools

We know that best skilled professionals need the best of tools in the market. Whether it's an IDE for development or SaaS utility for agreement signing, we will provision and provide as per your need. This also lets us stick to the standards we believe on Quality of Service (QoS).

Smooth Project Handling

Whether it is billing, file sharing or user story tracking, we will take you through the process step-by-step. Our experience on software engineering and technology helps us break it down for you to the point you feel comfortable with.

Our Values

These are the guiding principles which make us what we are today.

  1. People first. Don't hesitate to help.
  2. Focus on what is right.
  3. Express. Reason. Validate. Take action. Improve.
  4. Celebrate accomplishments.
  5. Respect better, faster, cheaper.

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